Video: Apollo 15 astronaut Jim Irwin would have filmed a UFO on the edge of a crater.

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We all know that NASA is hiding evidence of UFOs, aliens, structures and buildings on the Moon and Mars.

The astronaut Jim Irwin of the Apollo 15 mission, would have filmed a discoid object on the edge of a crater on the moon. The shots taken by the Apollo 15 (1971) mission highlighting what may be a possible UFO parked on the lunar surface, it seems that in turn seems to observe the Apollo 15 landing phase on the lunar soil.

t is clear that not everyone agrees with the policy of the United States and especially NASA, which still continues to hide all evidence on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. But even within the NASA organization itself there are employees who disagree with this type of policy and the following 2009 video highlights characters such as USAF Sergeant Karl Wolf and Ms Donna Hare, two former employees of NASA, tell their testimony about what they saw in some NASA photographs. Huge alien structures on the dark side of the Moon and some UFOs hover on the lunar surface photographed and filmed by the Apollo mission crews during their space flights.

The NASA video we are presenting is of considerable importance. They are shots of the Apollo 15 (1971) mission which highlights what may be a possible UFO parked on the lunar surface and which in turn seems to be looking, apparently, at the Apollo 15 landing stage on the Moon.
a huge discoid object seems to stand on the surface of the Moon intent on observing the Apollo 15 maneuvers

A still image of the original NASA video, showing the descent of Apollo 15 recorded by Jim Irwin. In the video you can see some spheres of light that are flashing

The video is part of a series of videos recorded during the Apollo 15 mission in the Moon landing phase, found in the NASA archives and shot by astronaut Jim Irwin.