VIDEO: Prague Czech Republic. What happened on August 3, 2019 at Václav Havel Airport?

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Just as there are fans of railroads or car veterans, air spotters are engaged in tracking and photographing interesting types of takeoff and landing planes. Some airports meet their needs and create spotters at interesting places with a good view. There are 19 such places at Prague Airport, and there is a webcam on the roof of GO Parking, showing a view of the RWY 06/24 runway from nearly two kilometers away.

It was thanks to such a webcam, in addition to taking off and landing aircraft appeared something that spotters could not identify. And so far, we, the Ufologists, have failed. Strange, dark, approximately round objects appear in the video at the time of 00: 09-00: 31, 00: 35-00: 55 and 01: 36-01: 55 at the edge of the horizon each time to the left. They don’t seem to be flying out of places beyond the horizon, but much closer. After the flight he stands there for a while and then returns to the ground, but to another place. What is it?

Record was taken 3.8.2019 at approximately 19:37 CEST. On the same day, according to our information, a firefighting drill at the V. Havel airport took place. But it took place from 05:00 CEST. Could it be related to this phenomenon? Any signal smoke gun?

Could it be trained birds (falcons) used to scatter other birds at the airport? But three times in a row elsewhere?
We are still looking for an explanation and we will be happy for any clue that leads to a reasonable explanation.