Mobile phone 2,137 years ago? Archaeologists have found strange objects like iphone phones in a Russian tomb!

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For Archaeologists Pavel Lear (Pavel Leus), this unusual new discovery is no different than a modern iPhone smartphone.

iPhone is a masterpiece of Apple, almost representative of a modern smartphone, from the first iPhone to the current history for only 12 years, but the mysterious water of Russian Atlantis (Russian Atlantis) is this artifact discovered in another cemetery? It is possible?

Black, rectangular objects that appeared in the Republic (Republic Republic), a tomb that is called Russian, Russia, can only be seen from underwater a few weeks a year.

Archaeologists jokingly nickname a woman as an ancient woman Natasha (Natasha), while her coordinated accessory is known as the “iPhone”.
Na has been buried with the era of hah to be one of the most interesting places at the funeral, says Mr. Activities in a new publication that sums recent years into (ala-tey) result on adventure from place to funeral.

In fact, the discovery was a large, elegant buckle buckle, 18 cm long, 9 cm wide, made of coal base gemstones, inlaid with emeralds, agate and pearl mother.
The belt of this woman adorns China’s five baths of old coins that helped scientists confirm their age, thought it could be up to 2,137 years since it was the first time we had these coin cast, and it was on the Western Han period. Cemetery, which ruled the area in 1 century BC 3 centuries ..

The discovery was in 2016 at the cemetery (ala-tey Giza) at the cemetery in the sea (Sayan Sea), according to Western times, archaeologists at the cemetery. They appeared 110 graves, on the upper part of the river there is a huge man stack on the river dam, located in the largest power plant in Russia ,, – Shu (Sayano-Shushenskaya dam). ……

The water drops nearly 60 meters per year in May and June, so the site is now in sight, and in the objects, there is a long object that looks like an iphone phone, making it difficult for archaeologists to believe that someone has taken an iphone to the western era han with Princess hah, who was buried in this cold underground tomb after death?

In addition, the discovered artifacts also have two women’s mummies, one of the sleeping beauty dressed in fine silk, is considered a leather designer, and the other is a textile girl, and there is a tool they usually use.