Scientists Stunned to Find Dinosaur With Flesh Still Intact

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SCIENTISTS are stumped after a mysterious creature resembling a dinosaur was discovered with flesh still on its bones.

Having been asked the question “Did the dinosaurs all disappear?”, We decided to first explore the life of these fascinating animals that inhabited the Earth more than 65 million years ago, and then the cause of their mass extinction. Finally, observing the current biodiversity, we have drawn some conclusions that enabled us to answer the question.

The Mesozoic era, known as the dinosaur era, lasted about 180 million years. Dinosaurs were the largest terrestrial creatures to inhabit the planet. Some of them were harmless and fed on plants, but others were cruel hunters, who lacerated their victims with razor-sharp teeth. Although these animals reigned for 140 million years, they were suddenly extinct some 65 million years ago.