NEW VIDEO: UFO -Corpuscular ship.31.May..2018.


VIDEO: Martin Mikuaš
Video is authentic without any adjustments!

Corpuscular ship is constructed in detail in accordance with the law of God in the form of light energy. Light corpuscular ship is therefore better as a spiritual power manifested corpuscular ships. The ship can move faster than light. When the object moves faster than light, disappearing from sight. Goes into another dimension.

The human eye sees everything that is inside of the light spectrum. When I mention the light spectrum and hit the light spectrum of the sun. With increased intensity of light would blind man. His senses would not notice a higher form of vibration. It can not therefore see the world resulting on a different frequency, although located around beside him. Corpuscular ship can move at high speed. It is therefore invisible to the human eye. By increasing the energy of the corpuscular vessel there is an increase of its speed.

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Video: Chupacabras or Alien?


Scientists have speculated that the creatures could be coyotes infected by parasites after one animal was discovered last July following a fatal attack on livestock.
The first reported sighting was in 1995, when eight sheep were found dead in Puerto Rico with identical puncture wounds to the chest and completely drained of blood.
Their mysterious deaths supposedly spawned the legend of the chupacabra in Latin America.

The Chupacabra is a Latin American monster that attacks livestock, usually goats, and drinks their blood.
The name itself is derived from the Spanish ‘chupar’ (‘to suck’) and ‘cabra’ (‘goat’).

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VIDEO: Mysterious Creatures are Real? Diablo,Satan (Demon)!

Mysterious Creatures are Real? Diablo,Satan (Demon)!
Who Is Satan? Is He Real?


SOME modern scholars say that Satan is not a real person. They claim that he was merely created in the imagination of men. This controversy is nothing new. “The Devil’s deepest wile,” wrote 19th-century poet Charles-Pierre Baudelaire, “is to persuade us that he does not exist.”

Is Satan a real person? If so, where did he come from? Is he the unseen power behind the problems plaguing our world? How can you avoid his evil influence?

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VIDEO: Full moon and Apocalyptic sound!


Of the world it is coming more and more testimonies to the mysterious sound reminiscent murmur. Over the years, hundreds of cases have been ed this phenomenon of strange that science still can not explain.

Eerie sound that people describe as a murmur or humkanie. Witness is extremely unpleasant and some people claim that they could not bear the noise. Describe it differently – as a soft squeal, hum or sound like a circular saw. What is even more puzzling, most people on the planet have never heard of.

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VIDEO: Strange Cloud Accompanied by Terrifying Sounds of the Slovakia!

We are living in the last days?

The Book of Revelation (Apocalypse)
Chapter 13: 1 I saw a beast coming out of the sea, which had ten horns and seven heads; the horns ten crowns, and upon his heads blasphemous names. 2 And the beast which I saw was similar to a leopard; He had legs like a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion.

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