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VIDEO: Incredible! Hybrid human creature? Cobra Man!

13 049 ViewsIncredible! Hybrid human creature? Cobra Man! Mysterious creatures are real? World folklore is inhabited by a large number of amazing, fantastic animals. In different cultures, it shall be assigned incredible qualities or abilities. Despite the diversity and otherness, all mythical creatures have different assessment – there is no scientific evidence of their existence in […]


RUSSIAN SECRET BOOK:Archive video of extraterrestrial beings part 2. Alien Races-Reptilian living in water.

22 627 ViewsOver 82 Alien Species Are In Contact With Earth Archive video of extraterrestrial beings SMERSH counterintelligence service was built by the Red Army at the end of 1942 or perhaps even earlier, but officially founded on April 14, 1943. This SMERSH invented Josef Stalin. January 13, 1947 was given a small book containing a […]