Four meters of snow fell in Austria. Declared state of disaster.

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Extreme snow reports are reported from Switzerland, but especially from Austria, where snow reaches places up to four-hundred-foot height.

Mountain Service monitors risk areas and transmits preventive avalanches. However, the situation is critical. In the area of ​​the Austrian Alps, 100 to 400 cm of snow fell. However, the portal reported that Loser measured up to 10 meters of snow on exposed slopes.

Another 50 to 100 cm of snow will hit
Snowfall is not always over. Meteorologists keep the highest third alert before the snow. It would snow in Austria until Friday morning.

Extremely strong snowfall greatly complicates the lives of the Austrian Alps. In the area of ​​the Loser Altaussee ski resort at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level, they now have 390 centimeters of snow.

But the snow is starting to create problems. The reason is simple, the snow is already reaching the roof of the lift station. Snowfall is also expected over the coming days, and it can be more than a meter of snow.