Videos: Mysterious light balls For these strange objects, the term Foo Fighters was used.

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Since the 1940s, military pilots have begun to observe special light balls during the Second World War in the sky, especially in the vicinity of aircraft. For these strange objects, the term foo fighters was used.

Sometimes it was just small balls or discs of a few centimeters in diameter that hit the wing of the aircraft, otherwise they were considerably larger objects that formed different formations. Where did these light balls come from and what are they?

Foo Fighters during World War II
A very prominent testimony of light gullies in the sky was given on August 12, 1942 by Sergeant Stephen Brickner on the island of Tulagi, located in the central part of Solomon Islands. At that time, the Allies fought against the Japanese, and when they heard the sound of the siren, an enemy raid was expected.

Instead, Sergeant Brickner, along with other soldiers from the trench, watched the massive formation of light objects flying at a higher speed than Japanese planes. According to Brickner’s testimony, they should have been up to about fifty in the sky, and it was clear from the formation that it could not be Japanese or American aircraft. They usually fly in the shape of the letter “V”, but the light objects in the sky flown in councils behind.

All the soldiers who were at the time in the trenches were very surprised that they did not know the wings or tail parts of the aircraft on the flying objects. None of the soldiers present has ever seen anything in the sky yet.