Masonic Shrine of – The Vatican Audience Hall: A Snake

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Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, the stigmatized saint who complained in 1913 for those “unfortunate brothers” who “correspond to the love of Jesus with the open arms in the infamous sect of Freemasonry”, would be moved and buried in a church wedges of Masonic symbols: the new sanctuary of San Giovanni Rotondo designed by Renzo Piano. The accusation is not new, already in 2006 the ultra-traditionalist magazine “Chiesa Viva” sounded the alarm with a polemic study by the engineer Franco Adessa. Even more cautious, but equally severe, was the “The Outrage to Padre Pio” issue, published three years later by Angelo Maria Mischitelli, author of various historical books on the saint of Gargano. Now it is destined to discuss the first volume that deals extensively with the subject, The mystery of the Church of San Pio from today in Italian bookshops.

The infamous sect of Freemasonry, so St. Padre Pio defined the organization that for centuries tried to overthrow Catholic society. And this should be defined by all Catholics, excluding the many ignorant and the few, but important, colluding. Who knows the story – already, who? – will know that there is a battle between the Church and Freemasonry that has been going on since at least the middle of the eighteenth century. But let’s forget the boring story (better to believe that the Church has always been intertwined with Freemasonry, just as the latter wants!) And the Masonic Shrine of San Giovanni Rotondo and head to Rome, to find a building that is, perhaps, even more disturbing. I refer to the Vatican Audiences Hall, the Paul VI Hall. We read on Wikipedia: In 1964 Paul VI commissioned Pier Luigi Nervi to create a room for papal audiences on the sidelines of the Vatican City, in a lot between the Sacristy of the Vatican Basilica and St. Peter’s Square. The works were started in 1966 and the inauguration took place on June 30, 1971. Paul VI is the Pope who closed the Second Vatican Council, the council that marked the “turning point” in the Church. Some “traditional” Catholics – but perhaps we should call them Catholics and that’s it – are very critical of both Paul VI and his predecessor John XXIII, and against all the popes who succeeded them. But this is another boring speech, better not to know the difference between the pre-conciliar Church and that of today (better for Freemasonry, of course!). Let’s go back to the classroom.

Top view could vaguely remember the head of a snake. Only vaguely, of course. Indeed, perhaps the resemblance is a forcing. Judge for yourself: Is it a forcing? Could be. The same could not be said, however, of the interior of the classroom itself. In this case the similarity is excessive. Look: It seems a bit too much to be a coincidence, right? If we focus on the details, the classroom becomes even more Satanic (and therefore Masonic). In addition to the windows in the shape of eyes and in addition to the scaly roof, we can see that the stage looks like an open mouth with a lot of teeth (the two columns placed on the left and right of the stage) and, even, the passage between the seats form the tongue that comes out of the center of the mouth! And yet we do not get to the worst part. Meanwhile, some information on the inventor of this precise Vatican snake

. Also from Wikipedia we read that the figure of Pier Luigi Nervi: was used by the fascist regime to propagate the “progress” and proposed to the public opinion as an idol, so that his works were also known by those who barely knew the names of great masters of the Renaissance Always like this, the more they are lovers of snakes, the more they are passed as idols … Between 1953 and 1958 he took care of the creation of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris For those who do not know, UNESCO is the cultural arm of called for the Masonic World Government. Also interesting is the church of San Gaspare del Bufalo di Roma, in the Tuscolano quarter, in via Rocca di Papa.

It was built according to a project by architect Pier Luigi Nervi between 1976 and 1981, and was solemnly consecrated by cardinal Ugo Poletti. October 24, 1981. As recalled by a plaque at the back of the church, on December 6, 1981, a few months after the attack, the church received a visit from John Paul II. Even Wikipedia is forced to admit: The external aspect of the church, that is visible from Largo dei Colli Albani, is very curious on an iconological level: it is in fact an eye inscribed in a triangle. This is the all-seeing eye. It was used […] by Freemasonry as a symbol of the divine entity revered by them, the Great Architect of the Universe Here is the church built by architect Nervi perhaps in honor of the Masonic god, the great architect of the universe, who , for those who do not know, it is always the snake.

The most disturbing detail of the Aula Nervi, concerns the inside of the “serrated mouth” of the snake which I circled in red. Guess what’s in the work you see from afar? Exact. There is Jesus, the God made man of the Catholic religion. Inside the mouth of a gigantic and disquieting snake, the snake that in Genesis represents Lucifer, there is God. Simple coincidences or small and pathetic “revenge” Masonic?