VIDEOS: The idea that there is an extraterrestrial civilization on the Moon would explain why we have suddenly interrupted missions on the Moon!


4 626 ViewsWhat is the real reason we are not lying on the moon? Have you ever wondered why space agencies at this time do not usually offer trips to the Moon? The theory suggests that NASA astronauts met the aliens during the landing months, who eventually warned them never to come back. MOON -UFO

CHUPACABRA? New photos.


26 927 ViewsThe Chupacabra is a Latin American monster that attacks livestock, usually goats, and drinks their blood. The name itself is derived from the Spanish ‘chupar’ (‘to suck’) and ‘cabra’ (‘goat’). Descriptions of them vary from reptilian with spikes or quills on its back to hairless dogs with fangs and claws. Someone in Piedmont, North

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