VIDEOS: The idea that there is an extraterrestrial civilization on the Moon would explain why we have suddenly interrupted missions on the Moon!

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What is the real reason we are not lying on the moon?
Have you ever wondered why space agencies at this time do not usually offer trips to the Moon?
The theory suggests that NASA astronauts met the aliens during the landing months, who eventually warned them never to come back.


Zveřejnil(a) UFO.-kruhy v obili a ine zahady dne Čtvrtek 5. července 2018

The growing conspiracy theory suggests that the Moon is occupied by an advanced alien civilization whose leaders have forbidden people to return.
This hypothesis actually fits in with others that claim that the extraterrestrial base is on the dark side of the Moon.

Have you ever asked why did humanity in recent years not return to the moon? According to many researchers and UFOs, the US space agency hides secrets from the public and we are not familiar with everything that has happened – and is still happening – at the surface of the moon. ”

“Many people claim there is plenty of evidence suggesting the presence of basic aliens on the Moon. Stories, declassified documents, and informants come that agencies all over the world simply can not afford to publicly reveal what the moon really is ”

“But is there really an alien base?

Secret video alien city on the moon from the Apollo missions

Zveřejnil(a) UFO.-kruhy v obili a ine zahady dne Sobota 3. března 2018