VIDEOS: Project Blue Beam? Or a Natural Phenomenon? Revelation?

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Broadcast projection of the sky? Alien invasion? Revelation of God? The arrival of the angels? Speaking of Jesus to the people? It all has to be in charge of so-called. Project Blue Beam. All just fiction?

Project Blue Beam to be a secret project deceiving the public and sort of guide to the new world order .O this project is not much known because the people who represent it are almost never has everything věrohodní.Podle some responsible government USA.Do all be implicated NASA.

“The world’s powerful is trying to control our thinking that we have entered a new era.” It says at least well-known conspiracy theorist Serge Monast.Většina people but against, and therefore remains speculation, who is responsible for this project (ie if any) actually worth.
On the Internet to find these options (unfortunately I nedopátral source):
a) US government
b) government secret, a secret group of powerful (Illuminati …)
c) demons alias “forces of hell” (Satanists, et al.)
d) aliens

The main weapon is a hologram
One of the ways in which the Blue Beam zmanipulovávat humanity, to be holographic projekce.Ta be transmitted from satellites and military bases in the sky and create a fully authentic scenery.

A hologram is a three-dimensional projection method and its foundations laid in 1948, the Hungarian physicist Dennis Gabor. (Ed. The author)

These holograms are to be accompanied by sounds and voices in all languages ​​of the world.
An example of how everything would look like …
Some researchers argue that a successful BlueBeamovské holographic projection is needed clear weather and the sky without a cloud, thus also indirectly point to a conspiracy of weather control.