Photos – Videos! The secrets of Alien beings are revealed.

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Photos and Video: Man Builds Alien UFO Landing Pad In Argentinian Desert.


Jaisli disappeared the man who built the airport for the arrival of UFOs. This man of Swiss origin. In Cachi in the mountains of western Salta, a great project began to build an UFO port, its infrastructure consisted of a 36-pointed Star of 48 meters in diameter. Jaisli said he had telepathic contacts with aliens and was ordered to build this UFO. It is rumored with the locals that this man has not been seen again in that place or in the surroundings and that his disappearance has surprised them, connoisseurs of the ufological subject comment that he could have been abducted or taken by extraterrestrials.

A man has built an alien UFO landing pad in an Argentinian desert and claims extraterrestrials telepathically told him to construct it.
He claims the alien contact occurred after he witnessed a recent UFO sighting in the area.
The UFO landing strip was built near the town of Cachi, Argentina. Werner Jaisli constructed the pad. The Swiss man traveled to the South American country after receiving orders from an extraterrestrial source.

The area is barren and the inhabitants of the land are surrounded by natural beauty in every direction.
Mr. Jaisli built his UFO landing pad using a massive collection of white and brown rocks. An ‘ovniport‘ is at the center of the pad. This is a shape that resembles a star and many believe it to have an extraterrestrial connection.
The Swiss man traveled to this exotic location after hearing voices in his head, which he believes are not from this world. Apparently, this would be the ideal for an alien UFO to land should they have traveled through the vastness of space.
I wonder if the saying is true, “build it and they will come.” Well, it is built, and now we wait for them to come!

Mr. Jaisli spent much of his time from 2008-2012 building the UFO pad.
Not only did he build the main landing pad for an alien craft, but he has also put together smaller monuments, which are clearly visible from the sky.

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Brazil 1996 – Top secret information were revealed about the UFO crash!

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Not only the US, but Brazil has its own city, where he had wrecked amount testimony unknown flying object, which, as it turned out later, was a minor alien ship. On board were some unfamiliar creatures that Brazilian army began to gradually catch.

Direct witnesses of the events were Although strictly forbidden to talk about it, but leaked information that shocked the world. Silence of the Brazilian Army and the Brazilian government is more than suspicious.

The whole mysterious event that is very similar to the American city of Roswell, began to take place on the night of 12 to 13 January 1996 still over the territory of Alaska. There currently caught radar station the US Air Defense formation of several unidentified flying objects that moved in the amount of 18 km at speeds of more than 6000 kilometers per hour. One of the flying objects over Arizona, he began to suddenly slow down, and it turns out that this is not machine failure on landing. Experts therefore calculated in Alaska, where could this unknown flying object crash.

It turned out that it will be somewhere near the Brazilian city of Varginha, and US authorities are thus informed about it, and the Brazilian government and the army. The Brazilian Army immediately upon receipt of this information, trying to find an unknown object crashed. Events, however, after a few days gained rapid momentum, and clandestine military operation was revealed. Later it turned out that the object crashed and escaped alien creatures who scared locals.

The hunt for aliens
Since this event already have passed more than 20 years, but many people about it’ve never even heard of. The entire incident, however, is very famous in Brazil, and there are witnesses who have met face to face with the unknown creatures have escaped from a crashed alien ship. Any information, however, try the Brazilian government, together with the army ututlávat. What are the direct and circumstantial evidence that the Brazilian city of Varginha really crashed alien spaceship?

The whole event was a continuation January 20, 1996, ie 7 days after being informed about the crashed object Brazilian army air defense USA, and described it in detail Brazilian journalist Vitorio Pacaccini. In the morning, the local fire brigade received a report that several girls had seen in the woods very strange animal. Firefighters immediately went there and actually also caught the creature – a humanoid that smelled very strange. But after catching he died, and was handed over to the Brazilian army.

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PHOTO: Pope John XXIII: The Pope and contact with a man who came on a UFO ship.

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The Italian Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (1881-1963), also known as Pope John XXIII, was a High Pontiff between 1958 and 1963. The Pope spoke with a being descended on a spaceship.

The Pope was also called “Il Papa Buono” in Portuguese (“The Good Pope”), besides being one of the most charismatic and beloved popes in history, had the gift of prophecy, making in his youth several predictions about political changes. coming and coming in the years to come, such as the coming of World War II, the end of the British empire, the assassination of the Kennedy brothers and Mahatma Gandhi and the fall of the Berlin wall, also other facts of the Second Coming Jesus Christ and the end of the world (which, according to Pope John XXIII, was to occur in the year 2033, with the consequent restoration of the “Kingdom of God on earth”).

Pope John XXIII, actor of “Mater et magistra” and “Pacem in Teris”, was a great thinker and visionary, who tried to change some of the power structures that controlled the political and economic aspect in the church.
And one of the most striking events in his life had to do with a supposed encounter that Pope John XXIII had with a man who had come from heaven in a kind of flying ship, causing it to change the Pope’s way of thinking. respect of the universe and man.

This event took place at the papal summer house of Castel Gandolfo in 1961, and was revealed by Loris Capovilla, the personal secretary and papal assistant of John XXIII, 20 years after his death, at an English seminary.
The report made by Pope John XXIII’s assistant, who years later would be named Cardinal in 2014 by Pope Francis), was as follows:
“The Pope and I were walking through the garden one evening in July 1961, when we observed over our head a very bright nava. It was oval in shape and several blue in color.

The ship seemed to fly over our heads for a few minutes, then landed on the ground on the south side of the garden. A strange “being” came out of the ship: it was human in shape, the difference being that its body was surrounded by golden light and had longer ears than ours.
The Pope and I kneel. We did not know what we were seeing, but we knew that this “being” was not of this world; it must therefore be a heavenly event.

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NEW VIDEOS: UFO Filmed From Helicopter! UFO Sightings 2019 | Alien Planet

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UFO Filmed From Helicopter! UFO Sightings 2019
“Alien Planet” Channel comes up with Latest UFO/Alien Sightings Videos.UFO sightings in outer space are sightings of unidentified flying objects reported by astronauts while in space that they could not explain at the time. These sightings were claimed as evidence for alien visits by ufologists, although prosaic explanations have since been found for almost all of them. Some of the alleged sightings never occurred: science fiction writer Otto Binder perpetuated a hoax claiming Apollo 11 @Alien09M# Commander Neil Armstrong had encountered UFOs during the missionDo aliens exist? Hundreds of pictures and videos of UFOs are taken every year and enthusiasts believe many of them could be proof or even a hidden conspiracy. While some have been debunked as fake, there are still dozens that have left even the experts scratching their heads and wondering if we really have been visited by creatures from

UFO, the mysterious moving object that appears in the sky occasionally is claimed to have no orthodox scientific explanation regarding its existence. As per the prevailing belief, they are flying saucer and the same can be monster spaceships carrying real extraterrestrials through clouds. Nowadays, UFO sighting has been a matter of amusement rather than a concern, even though there are ample pieces of evidence about their scary appearance. However, in postmodern culture, where Alien Videos are common, the movement of UFO needs to be taken as a serious matter. The appearance of flying saucer and their real images caught on tape is a proof of Alien life and the same has ignited the curiosity of NASA. They are in a set out to find out the hidden secrets of the extraterrestrials in the Universe

Some of the main discussions happening related to this topic are alien, ufo, alien sightings, ufo sightings, ufo caught on camera, ufo objects, proof of aliens, Extraterrestrial Life, ufo caught on camera, ufo caught on tape and others are unexplained, ufo mystery, NASA alien program, ufo 2017, alien 2017, shocking ufo video. In some instant, Unidentified Flying Objects are reported to have often observed by air force personnel in military during their preparation for encounters. They used to mistake these flying objects as the consequence of the conspiracy of their rival groups. Some of the latest UFO incidents are caught on the video camera and their video footage has generated a big question mark in front of science.

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