Photo: Fossils of water pipes Unknown Origin Of Pipes- Been Crafted 180,000 Years Ago.

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A series of archaeological findings made around puzzled researchers, and mystery is still remains unsolved, strongly pointing to the ancient alien theory. The findings were a series of well-arranged metallic pipe-like structures embedded in rocks

The pipes that form the piping complex are not of the same size, with some measuring 1.5 feet in diameter, and the very small ones measuring just an inch or less in diameter.

. To begin with, dating that was done using the less-error prone dating technique called thermoluminescence dating showed that the pipes were formed through smelting around 140,000-180,000 years ago.

The dating technique analyzes the crystal structure in the artifact and showed that the pipe materials were subjected to extreme heat before being forged and shaped in a process that resembles human-made metal working. This shows that there was an advanced civilization living at that time that could melt and forge metal pipes as well as built a piping complex to feed salt-water into an industry-like plant.

Still, some scholars opine that the pipes could have been used to relay waste materials.