Exceptional discovery: A Lost Temple Has Been Unearthed By Residents Near Perumallapadu.


9 241 ViewsResidents from the Perumallapadu town in the Pradesh’s Nellore locale of India have uncovered a 300-year-old Temple of Nageswara Swamy on the banks of the Penna River. A journalist from India named Dheeshma Puzhakkal tweeted the following along with a video: #Watch: A historic temple of Nageswara Swamy, buried in sand was unea

Are the newest crop circles a reference to ancient sumerian civilization?


12 334 ViewsThe Assyrian King and New Crop Circles? Stela of Shamshi-Adad V (823-811 BC) Assyrian, about 814 BC. From Nimrud. This stela shows the king worshipping in front of symbols of the gods.   The Ancient Sumerian Texts Depicted A Large Planet Nibiru, Planet X. These ancient Sumerian texts also depict a race called the […]

NEWS VIDEO: Storm was accompanied by a mysterious Apocalyptic sound!


12 268 ViewsPuzzling sounds heard for only 2% of the people and no one knows why With frequent observations of these sounds, I noticed that this mysterious sound can be heard before or after the bigger earthquake in the world. It probably has a connection from the shifting of the lithospheric plates. The mysterious sound is […]

PLANET X-Nibiru Is Coming In: We Will See Her In Sky In 9 Months!


14 302 ViewsUsing the binoculars, Nibiru will be seen in September of this year. Nibiru continues to move in the universe and approaches the Sun. The UFO group believes that the transition from our star is extremely dangerous, because then the object will continue to Earth. His arrival can be expected for9 months. According to experts, [&helli

Mysterious skull with chip in the brain and in tooth Discovered In Russia.


12 343 ViewsThis discovery may have to rewrite people’s cognition of the history of the Earth’s process. There may be an advanced civilization with a high degree of development and advanced technology on the ancient earth. Is this probably the crystallization of the ancient legacy? This technology is a very advanced civilization, perhaps it ex