Video: Gigantic. Discover a huge face alien in Antarctica using Google Earth .

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Gigantic discover a huge face alien in Antarctica using Google Earth Structure belonging to a lost civilization or simple pareidolia? The worrisome melting of Antarctica seems to be revealing interesting structures …

A structure similar to a gigantic face has been discovered in Antarctica through Google Earth, software with which this type of oddity is found every so often, whether in our world, on the moon or on Mars. “It seems to be some kind of mega-structure similar to the famous face of Mars (Cidonia),” says the video about it published on the Thirdfaceofmoon channel. “The symmetry it has is amazing.” The mysterious “face”, which according to some users has “alien appearance”, looks out from the melted snow of the mountains in West Antarctica and can be visualized by entering the following coordinates: 72 ° 00′36.00 ″ S, 168 ° 34’40.00 “AND

With a broad forehead, slanted eyes, nose and mouth, it is about 600 meters wide by almost 1 kilometer long, hence its nickname: “Gigántica” (acronym between Giant and Antarctic). «Could this be something that has been left of some ancient Antarctic civilization? The melting of Antarctica could reveal structures that will shock the world, ”says the owner of the YouTube channel, who credits the finding to the user ufo_scandinavia. Internet users, for their part, expressed a plethora of opinions about it. “This is not something natural that Mother Nature did with wind and ice”; “There is no optical illusion, this is really a face”; «This is purely natural and random. It just seems crushed ice, ”were some of the comments. Perhaps the alleged pyramids on the white continent are not alone … Do you. what do you think?