Did the ancient civilizations leave us the key to time travel?

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The scientists again made a shocking finding. They believe there is an unusual labyrinth in one of the Egyptian pyramids. It is the legacy of ancient civilizations. And one version of its origins will be absolutely fantastic. It’s a time machine. It reminds him of his design and mechanism structure. But most importantly, it is a real energy portal, a passage between parallel worlds.

In the thousands of kilometers from Luxor, Bolivia, there are the Sun Gates. Indians call them gates to the parallel world. Who built them? The scientists have not yet determined this.

Another mystery is the Gate of the Gods in Peru. Its structure is made up of huge doors carved into the rock. Local legends say that through her heroes went to the higher worlds. Many went through them and … disappeared forever. Some have returned with incredible knowledge.

However, the most interesting are the results of modern studies of the Peruvian Stargate. Scientist Qatar Mamani made a sensational statement – still serving as an entry into other worlds. A huge number of special items have been found near the stone doors. They were exposed to photographic films and electronic media in the form of fire discs, beads, as well as plasma clots of varying density and color.

Sri Lanka’s Stargate is a two-meter circle carved into the rock. It is basically the same as the one on the huge Men-en-Tol boulder in Cornwall, England. Ancient Celts believed that a hole in stone is nothing but a portal to another dimension.

Time Machine, portal to parallel worlds… as it turns out, it’s not just a figment of imagination. And they can be found on Earth, not just in the star Nebula Andromeda. Ancient civilizations have left us a wonderful heritage. Unfortunately, no instructions for use, so humanity remains helpless and unconscious. But one day one finds the ignition key, glows the engine and sets off on a wonderful journey across space and time…