Video: Giant UFO – Planet X? Huge planetary objects photographed near the Sun by the SOHO probe. March.2019.

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NIBIRU planet X. or giant spaceship, satelite?Judge for yourself!

Sumerian cosmogony speaks not only about the origin and evolution of our solar system, but also of the origin of life on earth and according to the following text was transmitted life on Earth through satellites Nibiru” … for ancient

Mediterranean peoples was Marduk / Nibiru Creator and the seat of ANA who was master of the fate of the Earth and people “gods” … Sitchin believed that Nibiru is intelligent life evolved perhaps millions of years before the Earth, its inhabitants then founded a colony on Earth.

Those who came to Earth from the planet Nibiru, Sumerians spoke ANUNNAKI (which literally means “those who came from Heaven – ANU – the Earth (KI). It is they who were apparently mysterious” sons of God “- nefu” who descended from heaven down”.

Sumerian texts record the creation of man (but that is a long story), which later included scientists to the realm of myths and legends. All this, however, took place before the great flood. The epic of Gilgamesh, the hero of the story describes his meeting with forebears Utna (Noah?).

It is a clear description of the situation before the flood. “Immortals gods Anunnaki Sumerians” could face “the planet of crossing”, which was close to the Earth. (About what actually flood triggered, there are only rumors, according to Wojnar could go on that crossing the planet Nibiru pulled along siding asteroids and smaller meteorites, one of which he crashed into the Earth and caused the cataclysm enormous size.)

So the Sumerian texts say something else, proclaims the official science. When Nibiru closer to Earth, it was time to “gods Anunnaki” (as they called the Sumerians), left. Anunnaki not on earth to leave nothing usable, everything had to be take-away or destroyed. This details the Sumerian epics and the Psalms. We learn is one of the pillage of the sacred, “gods” gradually abandoned Ziggurats of which feel the disintegration of hierarchy and authority of the leaders of the Anunnaki.