The Secret of Archives Ahnenerbe: The Spear of Destiny: the relic of Hitler to dominate the world.

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Ahnenerbe was Occult Office of the Third Reich Founded in 1935

The secrets of the archives of the German organization Ahnenerbe (Ancestral Heirlooms) are still unavailable to the public today. Why did their winning parties get out of hand after World War II? Do they contain something to protect humanity from? And what are the archives of Ahnenerbe – deep knowledge or praise of darkness?

The Spear of Destiny: the relic of Hitler to dominate the world.

The legend affirmed that the possessor of the Spear of the Destiny would never lose a battle, nevertheless, if the proprietor was separated from this it would have enough calamities.
“Whoever holds it in their hands, will sustain, for better or for worse, the destiny of the world,” said the legend that accompanied the so-called spear of destiny, a relic associated with a Roman centurion soldier named Gaius Casio Longinos, who suffered a partial blindness that almost did not allow him to see.

However, the blood of Jesus that splashed into his eyes when he speared the Spear worked a miracle, recovering his sight at that moment. The grateful Longinos decided to convert to Christianity, notes the Gospel of John (19: 33-34).
Also, according to the ABC website, the Gospel reveals that the Romans planned to break the legs of Jesus, a practice known as crurifragium, which was a painful method of accelerating death during the crucifixion of those condemned to this type of punishment.

However, moments before the Roman soldiers did so, they saw that he had already died and that is why they thought there was no reason to break his legs. To make sure he was dead, a soldier plunges his spear into his side.
According to Jesus Hernandez in his book, “Enigmas and mysteries of World War II”, Hitler accidentally hit the spear in 1912, when he was no more than a failed painter who tried to sell his watercolors for Viennese cafes.

Legend has it that one day, the young Adolf (only 23 years old) entered the well-known museum of the Hofburg Palace to take refuge from a strong storm, and there he would find his destiny.

“Wandering around the halls, he focused his attention on a singular object; On a mantle of red velvet, he was offered the vision of a Christian relic of great mystical power belonging to the imperial treasure of the Habsburgs: the Lanza de Longinos, “said Hernández.

Seeing this historical artifact, Hitler remained more than an hour abstracted in his delirious thoughts, nourished by the vision of the spear. The Nazi leader felt an unhealthy obsession for the relics convinced that his “magic power” would help him to keep his empire up.

Already in power, Hitler discovered that there were at least three other holy lances in Europe at that time: one was in the Vatican, another had been taken to Paris at the time of the Crusades, and one more was in a church in Krakow, Poland.

The legend affirmed that the possessor of the spear would never lose a battle, nevertheless, if the proprietor was separated from this it would have enough calamities.

Likewise, the spear was a powerful talisman for Constantine the Great, the first Christian emperor of Rome; for the Frankish king Carlos Martel, who expelled the Arabs from France in the 8th century; for Charlemagne and also for the sacred Roman emperor Frederick Barbarossa.
According to tradition, all those who had possessed it were victorious. These mystical qualities of the Lance of Longinus fascinated the Nazi leader.

The individual who revealed Adolf Hitler’s obsession with the spear that had supposedly belonged to Longinus was an Austrian sage, Dr. Walter Stein, a friend of the Nazi leader since before 1914.

According to Dr. Stein, Hitler’s belief in the supernatural powers of the Lance of Longinus led him to magic and occultism.

When in 1938 Hitler annexed Austria to the Third Reich, one of his first orders was to visit the Hofburg Museum to look for the famous spear. Later, she made all the arrangements to move her to Nuremberg, where she was placed in a church that she ordered to be transformed into a Nazi sanctuary.

When the Third Reich was defeated, on several fronts, the Allied forces bombed the city, so Hitler ordered to hide the spear in a vault he had ordered built within the foundations of Nuremberg Castle.

Finally, on April 30, 1945, the American troops entered Nuremberg, took out the spear. Hitler, who at that time was protecting himself in Berlin, did not hear about it; hours after he committed suicide.

At present, the Lance of Longinos is again in the Hofburg Museum. This artifact, known as “The spear of destiny”, was not the only object that Adolf Hitler tried desperately to find, but in his list were also relics of such caliber as the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail.
What do you think? Legend? Myth? Or superstition?