Operation High Jump and Secret projects of the Third Reich!

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In 1946 he had an extensive invasion of the US Navy on the south polar continent. As part of “Operation High Jump” it headed to the Antarctic coast 4700-member “army” of those times in the polar ends of an unprecedented Technical support: six combat helicopters, flying boats six Martin PBM, two other types of seaplanes and fifteen other aircraft.

The units crossed and coincided fourteen warships, including the aircraft carrier Philippine Sea. It is almost incredible that less than a year after the war that ruined most of the global economy is currently in the south polar promptly released as early as the first Antarctic summer organized a military expedition, which was directly lavishly armed and equipped.

True, we can see everything in a different light at the moment when it is accepted that for some, as yet unknown to us because the mission was essential to maintain the status of “national security”.

Vessels main assault group floated a close second for icebreakers “Burton Island” ice drift into the Ross Sea December 31, 1946 and encountered here to adverse weather conditions. Nevertheless, for one month pilots they are flown reconnaissance flights to a total of 220 hours over a distance of 22,700 miles and they made 70,000 panoramic images of the surface.

Then came the whole campaign embarrassing and accelerated finals. Chilean newspapers quoted a report, which experdícia “got into discomfort” and that it postretlo “numerous incidents”. Furthermore, it leaked the news that the main force operations “High Jump” had to be evacuated icebreakers Burton Island Whale Bay Area on February 22, 1947 – Men at the west wing got home March 1, 1947, members of the East three days later, nearly two months after arrival to the shores of Antarctica.

What followed, subject to strict embargo rapporteur, but today it is known, at least, the operation commander, an experienced polar explorer Admiral Byrd was in Washington questioned the secret services as soon thereafter as it was on March 14 “Welcome back” Minister of War James Forrestal.

5 March 1947 brought the newspaper “El Mercurio” of Santiago de Chile article under the headline “The board of Mount Olympus in the South Seas,” which referred to Admiral Byrd in an interview reporter Lee van Atta: “Admiral Byrd declared today that it is need to urgently take immediate defensive measures against hostile regions.

Admiral claimed further that anybody wants zbtočne beckons you, but it’s hot reality that in the event of a new conflict would be the United States mapadnuté flying objects that are able to reach from one pole to the other at incredible speeds. ”

Admiral Byrd repeated his concern and alarm at the same time and at the press conference for the International News Service, which should capitalize on its extensive polar experience. If we realize that it all happened barely a year after the war, the matter gets its broader context and really ominous.

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