Gray Alien Footage part2.(Video )

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Humanity does not come originally from Earth, but from the area of Sirius, which have been created race of advanced civilization or for the fight. the protection of this civilization, which, although advanced lost the ability to defend itself against the aggressor.

These races were genetic manipulation adapted to fight, were bred so that it exhibited a certain hardness, cruelty and barbarism to resistance. It will also be gene. handling shortened life span to 100 years.
This is to be nevzbúrili and turn against their creators. These concerns were later filled and these warlike race were already unruly, so their creators decided to simply exterminate them.

Certain groups of these creators to them amicably inclined but helped them to escape respectively. They fled with them.

After many millennia to arrive in our solar system on Mars and a small / Phaethon and later destroyed by Malon and dead Mars to Earth.

But these genetically manipulated (ie. The ancestors of today’s earthly people) were also on Earth unmanageable and unpredictable and so friendly tilting of the creators could not rule over them as intended.

In order to develop and spread dominance between gene. manipulated various religious teachings that willingly assumed and, among other things, they claimed that they are Creators genetically manipulated that they should be worshiped, and the like. They also saw to it that lost the knowledge of its true origin.

Nevertheless, they were forced to go away from Earth.
Over time, the Earth emerged from a group of extraterrestrial civilizations Lyra.
They mixed with Humans and now also seek to dominate them.
While also they downloaded and expanded further formal learning among earthlings than their predecessors, but even these new gods earthlings would not hear.

However, the planet Earth has had its original human inhabitants but which, over time, mixed with genetically manipulated and also carried the gene inheritance. manipulation. The same thing happened with aliens who remained on Earth and mixed with earthly people affected gene. handling.