Russia’s secret UFO files: Alien Russia and Area 51

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Russia’s secret UFO files: Soviet Union waged Cold War conflict with aliens
WHILE the Cold War waged, the Soviet Union was being menaced by mysterious alien spacecraft which shot down planes and burned military installations.

During the 1940s and 1950s UFO-mania gripped the US as reports of flying saucers, men in black and alien abductions filled newspaper pages.
But as alien encounters became a sideshow in the states, their communist enemies were also being rocked by mysterious encounters with UFOs.

Around the same time the Soviets also began to have increasing contact with apparent aliens and growing reports of spacecraft entering airspace over Russia.

Soviet-born UFO researcher and author Paul Stonehill told Daily Star Online: “The Soviets were shocked so many UFOs could penetrate their borders and basically just do what they wanted without any control from the Kremlin.

“There were many more cases of direct encounters than in the United States, and anything which was flying over the Soviet Union was very interested in secret military installations.”

“They tried on several occasions where orders were given out from on high to shoot down UFOs, or local commanders would take it upon themselves.