According to archaeologists visited us aliens. indicate the cave paintings discovered in INDIA!

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Archaeologists have discovered an unprecedented painting. The Indian cave found on the walls of the shapes that look like figures from another planet. They believe that our Earth in prehistoric times visited by extraterrestrials.

Paintings from prehistoric times
10,000 year old cave paintings in India suggest that extraterrestrials have visited our planet. They claim the archaeologists who deal with the issue.

Unusual paintings were found in the cave, particularly in the region of temples in India. According to information from the Times of India, are paintings of old around 10 000 years, that of the prehistoric ages.

They were visited by aliens?
According to archaeologist JR Bhagat, paintings may offer evidence that in prehistoric times the Earth members visited the advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.

People in prehistoric times probably seen extraterrestrials