VIDEO: Hidden in the Indonesian jungle, is the church : Giant chicken.

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Every year he attracts hundreds of visitors and anxious photographers who climb the Magellan Hills in Central Java to capture the giant chicken.

According to his eccentric creator, the magnificent building was not meant for a church and its original shape was not a chicken. 67-year-old Daniel Alamsjah, was working in Jakarta when he suddenly received – as he claims – a message from God to build a “prayer house” in the form of a dove. He exploited a wooded area to create the building.

But the shape did not refer to any pigeon, so the locals started calling it “Chicken Church,” the “Chicken Church”. Its doors to the public were opened in 1990. It was used as a rehabilitation center for the treatment of children with motor problems, people in drug addiction and later as a reformer for minors.

The place of prayer was closed in 2000 because its maintenance cost was great