CE-5 – Extraterrestrial Contact – UFO (Video)

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What is a UFO probably no need to explain to anyone, because all of us have of him-what he heard, saw, or at least read. The phenomenon has grown in popularity, especially after World War II, after the famous incident in Roswell. Here are a few of UFE basic information and interesting.

UFO acronym in English means Unidentified Flying Object – Unidentified Flying Object. Popularly referred to as the means of transport of aliens, sometimes called a flying saucer. In addition to the shape of the plate, however, they tend to have these also show a spherical shape, cylinder or triangle. Most scientists, however, argue that the confirmation of this theory there is insufficient evidence.

Ufa is engaged in research and ufologist paleoastronautika. As a rule, private activities. The issue of alleged contacts with crews and UFO abductions to UFOs and UFO crews from implants dedicated to some psychologists (eg. John Mack).

Modern research UFO UFO divided on 6 main categories:
noctural lights – night light special revelation

Daylight Discs (DD) – Wheels and similar to that seen during the day
Close Encounter of the First Kind (CE-I) – close encounter of the first kind – objects at a distance of max. 150 m from the witness

Close Encounter of the Second Kind (CE-II) – close encounter of the second kind – CE-I to interact physically with the environment acting (eg electromagnetic interference)

Close Encounter of the Third Kind (CE-III) – Close Encounters of the Third Kind – CE-I and CE-II observation beings

Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind (CE-IV) – a close encounter of the fourth kind – abductions