The mysterious anomalies of the Moon (Video)

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Moon has always been an enigma. It is believed that it was not there previously and was strategically “placed” in orbit with the planet Earth by an advanced alien race. The Moon is actually hollow with huge technologically machines inside it. It is suspected that these machines are also used for controlling the humans on Earth. Scientists and astronomers claim that Moon is far too big a natural satellite to have originated from planet Earth. Missions of moon landing have witnessed alien crafts and various anomalies on the moon which strongly indicate that that is an alien base which is used to control human beings on Earth. I believe that extra-terrestrials who had vested interest in Earth for its natural resources had placed the Moon as their base. These aliens could be the Annunaki themselves.

Though the pictures are not clear but there certainly are anomalies found on the surface of the moon and these are no exception as they look like some structures build by intelligent life and not any natural formation on the moon surface. It is the dark side of Moon where all these structures are located. NASA’s Apollo mission had taken photographs which clearly show these structures. Besides cities, there are structures like the shard and tower that are miles in height. Antennas and various tunnels are also seen, which certainly are constructed by an intelligent civilisation.