Past Civilizations, Classified History (Videos)

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They have not already written about archaeological excavations, which are both old and “modern”, that scientists do not know about them. They usually ignore them because they do not “touch” their time … Who left them behind: Visitors from the cosmos or, as many legends of natural nations say, the ancient civilizations that existed on Earth long before ours … News about mysterious flies plates did not appear only in the 20th century. Special objects in the sky were drawn by a caveman, but also by medieval Italian painters and icon makers. On the walls of the cave, besides hunting scenes, there are also discoid objects hovering over animals. In the city of Niaux, France, there is a 10-year-old drawing, which is a huge figure with a round helmet on the head.

They’ve been here long ago
Even the ancient Egyptians watched mysterious objects, as evidenced by the records. In 1450 before n. Pharaoh Tutmosa III. such a phenomenon in the sky was so impressed that he had instructed the writer to record it: “In the third month of winter and the sixth hour of the day, the writer of the House of Life saw in the sky a coming circle of fire. He had no eyes. His breath came out of his mouth. His body was 5 meters long and 5 meters wide and was silent …

Several days passed and these things began to appear in the sky as often as never before. They shone more than the sun’s rays … The position of the circles of fire dominated the sky. Then the fiery circles grew higher to the sky, toward the south. Fish and skeletal animals or birds fell from heaven. It has been a miracle that has not been in these regions since their creation. “

Flying plates also appeared at the time of the reign of Roman emperors, and in virtually every century in the annals, the phenomenon now known as the UFO. In 1254 the French chronicler noticed the object he wrote: “It was like a great ship of elegant shapes, miraculous color …” In 1561 in Nuremberg, crowds of people saw flying balls and pyramids! The most famous observation of the UFO phenomenon occurred in California in 1896; people saw an object under which a blinding light emerged: witnesses from different cities confirmed it.

Biblical confession
The scholars of the issue are also carefully studying fragments of the Bible which, according to them, can relate to this phenomenon. The book Ezekiel describes a meeting with God’s Carriage. At different times, many researchers have attempted to construct a “coach” based on Ezekiel’s description. Every time there were drawings representing an interstellar ship, as we imagine today. Also, the New Testament contains a description of the object that the current Uphologlass classifies as “night light” or simply UFO.

It is a Bethlehem star that was not an ordinary celestial body, because it appeared and disappeared according to the description. The eyes of the three sages turned east and moved, until it was over the place of Christ’s birth. The three kings, sages, have perfectly recognized the night sky. The traveling Bethlehem star showed them the light of Jesus’ birthplace, which means she had to bind just above Bethlehem. If it was a comet, it would not be possible to locate the settlement – comets are constantly moving. So it can be assumed that the star was an unidentified flying object.

Mysterious Olmeque statuettes
Odd people made statues for their image and form. Although the proportions of the body were not always accurate, there can be no doubt as to who the statues displayed. The Olmekov statuettes (which inhabited Central America between 1300 and 100 BC) are direct cartoons. Why were they born?

Upholographers prove that thousands of years ago, strange creatures experimented with humans. Another version says that mutants have emerged as a result of interference with human genes. Religionists, however, are convinced that special figures are simply symbols of abundance. Temple of Hathor goddess in the Egyptian Dendere is decorated with mysterious sculpture. It is a special subject that reminds of the huge bulb and the cable leading to some cabinet. The bank has support recalling the current insulator. Next to the khouly god of the air of Shu. According to the ufologists, an ancient artist visualized the equipment of a spacecraft landing on Earth. According to Egyptologists, it is a “ritual stone” with the image of a snake or a great veil …

Stainless Pillar in Delhi
The iron column, which stands for more than 1700 years in the Indian Delhi, is about 8 meters tall and weighs about 10 tonnes. Its phenomenon lies in the fact that, despite the time of rusting. The inscription says that the column was built by King Kumaragup I in honor of his father Candragupt II. This column was only a base on which stood a statue of Garuda, the man-girl, the goddess of the god Vishnu. What happened to the Garuda statue? Was it also sore? Scientists can not explain how a long-time craftsman managed to

create such a metallic monolith. Upholons claim that cosmic technology has helped. But archaeologists are convinced that the Indians had perfectly developed metallurgy and were able to create a stainless steel column. According to another theory, the column of stainless steel is because it has been a whole century

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