In Antarctica were discovered a huge pyramid older than 50,000 years!

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The structure was discovered pyramids from space satellites. Images that do, can clearly see its form and shape. It is about 1.7 times larger than the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Orthodox scientists and skeptics, of course, argue that, in this structure, it is only natural, geological formation created, but satellite images and photographs of people who were in it, speak a different language.

From the perspective of classical science, which in harmony with religion does not admit the possibility that long before our civilization was built by someone on our planet unique technical monuments, it is understandable that something like a gigantic pyramid under the ice of Antarctica can not and must not exist.

Its undeniable existence but implies the issue, rather the fact that either was for some reason built an alien civilization, or – the other possibility – that in Antarctica, which was at times her of building not covered by ice, it has built a developed terrestrial civilization, which for some reason ( natural disasters, or self-destruction ….) ceased to exist.

However, the fact that Antarctica was ice-historic times, the meantime science already knows and accepts.

In Antarctica there under the ice even two other, smaller pyramid. It announced a group of eight scientists who do research there. Since this is a serious scientists who are very careful and do not want to premature closures, so their statements are restrained. In addition, also because while they want to remain anonymous – they are two Americans and six Europeans.

These scientists say that it is necessary to send a new big adventure, which will be equipped with all necessary devices and will be able to conclusively determine whether the artificially built pyramids.

The highest of the pyramid is located directly on the coast. Mentioned two smaller pyramids are close to each other and the distance from the coast 16 km.

Modern science is based on the fact that Antarctica looked like in ancient times completely different way than today. The analyzes showed that the Antarctic in those days were warm summers, with temperatures above twenty degrees. Rainwater was even covered with forests, similar to those now in New Zealand. It is inhabited by a large number of organisms. If at that time on the continent they were living human beings – which now admit more courageous scientists – so there would have been very appropriate and favorable conditions for life.

Cheops pyramid in Egypt has a length of one side of its base of 230 meters. The same party giant pyramid in Antarctica but has up to 400 meters.

I conclude that it allowed to-view that in recent years occurred in the Antarctic to the large amount of warming, glaciers and snow cover was melted, and thus from the eternal snow and ice liberated apex of the pyramid, while a substantial part of it is still hidden. From the pyramid stands about 50 meters