Astronomers Have Discovered Traces of Two Highly Developed Extraterrestrial Civilizations.Videos

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The Kepler space telescope discovered the apparently more Dyson sphere (hypothetical superstructure that allows the use of absolutely all power is already releasing the star). 204278916 Star EPIC, which lies in the constellation of Scorpius at a distance of approximately 400 light years from the sun, blinking so strange that astronomers can not find a reasonable explanation. And therefore believe that, in addition to this star is apparently built a giant alien structure that periodically eclipses it – something like Dyson sphere.

204278916 EPIC is already the second star, near which were discovered traces that could leave here a highly developed civilization. Last year, a similar phenomenon was observed in the star KIC 8462852, which lies in the constellation Cygnus at a distance of 1,480 light years, and to the naked eye is not visible.

Kepler telescope finds planet the size of Earth. Monitors variations in the brightness of stars, based on which the astronomers can determine whether and at what distance concerned about body orbiting a planet. EPIC 204278916 star Kepler began investigating in August 2014 – after it was repaired and filmed in other parts of the universe in a new mission called K2.

Kepler observed EPIC 204278916 for 79 days while its flashing during 25 days decreased by 35 percent. A planet in its vicinity would not cause such a strong anomaly. Star must conceal something really solid, such as Dyson sphere.