PHOTOS and VIDEOS: Advanced technology and ancient civilizations on Earth?


14 492 ViewsIt is possible that our ancestors in ancient times visited by aliens who provide them with advanced technology? Numerous preserved buildings and artifacts it suggests. If so, where did they come? Where did they go? He will return? They did people in ancient knowledge, which clearly surpasses ours? If so, where? From aliens? Or [&he

March 11, 2012.- January 27.2019 That time, many people were confused and tried to explain the unprecedented event. Mysterious Happens in the Sun – NASA Is Hidding A Truth From Us


6 577 ViewsKincumbersky’s central coast Australia 5 th of January 2017′ I am looking at the sun and I see a planet? UFO? hitting sitting in our sun Planet? UFO?  leaving our sun with a hole in it On in pack planet? UFO? the sun is this why our sun for a big hole it because […]

A mysterious object will pass near Earth in 2019. Scientists are confused about its origin!


5 915 ViewsThis mysterious object is known as 1991 VG and it was first spotted in November 1991 by astronomer James Scotti at the University of Arizona. Today, many conspiracy theorists think that this is a genuine  “alien probe”, which is deliberately set to fly near Earth in 2019. The object has confused astronomers ever since […]

New Videos: UFO July 21, 2019, Necedah, Wisconsin and August 17 2019. LONDON, ENGLAND.


2 093 Views“UFO” IS DISCOVERED HIDDEN WITHIN ELECTRICAL STORM. July 21, 2019, Necedah, Wisconsin. Hidden inside a thunderstorm a monumental “UFO” was captured while lightning strikes right in the center of the object, even some seem to come out of it, after a few minutes the UFO disappeared, and lightning stopped … It’s

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