RUSSIAN SECRET BOOK: Secret documentation on UFO.

10 137 ViewsSMERSH counterintelligence service was built by the Red Army at the end of 1942 or perhaps even earlier, but officially founded on April 14, 1943. This SMERSH invented Josef Stalin. January 13, 1947 was given a small book containing a description of extraterrestrials top SMERSH agents. This book described eight kinds of aliens and […]

The Apollo program , Free masons and the Moon.Videos.

1 708 ViewsFreemasons have been involved since the beginnings of NASA. If there was a group who could pull of a great hoax to fool nearly the entire planet, it would be possible through the Freemasons. By declaring that Scottish Right Freemasons planted a flag on the moon the Freemasons gained many members in their secret […]

Planet X.The ancient Sumerian texts depicted a large planet (Nibiru, today we call it Planet X)

4 850 ViewsNIBIRU.The ancient Sumerian texts depicted a large planet (Nibiru, today we call it Planet X) that entered the solar system very specifically in one of their drawings, and told how it would leave fairly quickly after it had come. In passing, it can have drastic effects on the Earth and other planets in the […]

Human And Alien Clones?

4 650 ViewsThey were created as genetic experiments of extraterrestrials, extraterrestrial beings, somewhat involuntarily, as a by-product of human creation, ie beings intended to serve “gods”? Please follow and like us:20

Adam, Eve and Comet ATLAS (C / 2019 Y4) As A Harbinger Of The End Of Time?

3 584 ViewsAstronomers have recently observed the comet ATLAS (C / 2019 Y4), which has exceeded its predicted brightness several times in recent weeks and is observable by binoculars as a hazy spot in the Great Bear constellation. As long as it maintains its clarity trend, it will be visible to the naked eye from the […]

New Video:The Mysterious Alien Tablet.

16 763 Views  Discovered in the mountains of Russia a strange mysterious briefcase and two skulls,in the briefcase was also found mysterious alien tablet. According to the journalists of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” briefcase it has written a strange logo “Ahnenerbe” This case was recently found in the mountains of Adygea. The Mystery […]

VIDEO: We Found It…The Astounding Giza Pyramids Evidence on Mars!

2 388 ViewsPyramids, martian face and knowledge about Mars. So who actually built them? NEW VIDEO: MARS, NASA Has Hidden Images Of “Pyramids And Statues” Found By The Rover Curiosity Photos And Videos: Ancient Egyptians Came From Mars? A Mysterious Statue On Mars And In The Egyptian Tomb. Maybe An Alien?       Please follow […]

New Video: Strange clouds and mysterious apocalyptic sound.

11 729 ViewsNight in the skies of Mexico City this image went viral where it is said that: The moon, much like the painting of Lucifer after being expelled from heaven by rebels against God, created by artist Alexander Cabanel in 1868. The mysterious sound is back!!! 24.05.2020. Duplicating the photo is better appreciated And during […]

Photos and Video:The Soviet the ball train from 1934 was supposed to be the vehicle of the future, speeding at 300 kilometers per hour.

3 183 ViewsThe first sketches of the future technical wonder named the the ball train (in the original шаропоезд) began to draw in the early 1930s. At that time, the industrial revolution was rampant, the Soviet Union was ahead in all sectors. The then unknown engineer Nikolai Yarmolchuk contributed to this with his fantastic vision of […]