Aliens visiting us from time immemorial. The Cosmic Gods Word, which gave Thoth.

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According to various theories planet Earth extraterrestrial beings visiting for a very long time. And even before the first reported cases of UFO sightings in modern history.


Egyptian hieroglyphics are fascinating, and not without reason called the Cosmic Gods Word, which gave Thoth.

I took the liberty to translate the hieroglyphic writing interesting text: “In the twenty second decade reign, the third month of winter and the sixth day. When studying in the House of Life was seen as an odd fiery disc arrives from the sky and the smell of his bowels. Disk size was equal in length and in width. Making no sound.

Then also he appeared at the house of His Majesty. Our hearts were confused, and we fell on the belly to the ground. Some of us went Majesty to report this event. Our Lord commanded, it is necessary to consult this event scrolls, which are located in the House of Life. His Majesty meditated on all these events that are happening now

After several days, the disks have become more numerous in the sky than ever. They shone in the sky over the brightness of the sun, and spread to all four sides of heaven and remained motionless in the air state.

Our army watched with His Majesty in their midst. It was after the evening when disks rise still higher in the sky towards the south. Fish and a variety of birds raining from the sky. A phenomenon never before known since the foundation of the country. His Majesty meditate incense to be lulled heart of Amun-Re, the God of both countries. It happened that the incident was recorded by His Majesty to the Archives of the House of Life, there to remain registered forever.

Thus is the translation of the text of the old Egyptian empire that brought Alberto Tulli from Cairo 1933. Tulliho papyrusTulli was head of the Egyptian section of the Vatican Museum. In 1933 he arrived in Cairo, where he had previously stayed many times. Walking street bazaars and antique shops, where they can be appear genuine rarities, which is getting rid of robbers tombs. In one such shop he noticed Tulli papyrus, which was a special text.

Certainly he did not understand as we do today. Then the talk about UFOs. Svitek he was impressed and encouraged dealers to trade. However, the vendor demanded an exorbitant sum, therefore, at least Tulli copied the text with hieroglyphs.