VIDEO: Face, the alien and UFO on the Moon? Reptilians They have their base on the Moon?

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Proponents of conspiracy theories about reptilians argues that the country is under the control of intelligent extraterrestrial lizards. Reptilians (also Reptoids) are tall bipedal creature with greenish scaly skin that can change the appearance, and thanks to that infiltrated into earthly society.

Measurements typically around 2 m, and according to some witnesses also have wings and tail. This alien race inhabits our planet since time immemorial, for example helping with the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

Its existence was confirmed by supposedly Bible itself, specifically the story of Adam and Eve. Had that Eve offered the apple in paradise, for it was in fact reptilian agent. Many proponents of the conspiracy are also convinced that the reptilians because of its ability to alter the appearance infiltrated the highest levels of world politics and

S touto teóriou prišla r. 1999 britský novinár gag Icke, ktorý poukázal na to, že obrazy plazov nájdených v náboženských a kultúrnych tradíciách po celom svete. Podľa neho je zrejmé, že všetky tieto mýty informujú skutočné bytosti, ktoré žili na našej planéte (a stále žijú). V žiadnom prípade nemôže ísť o dinosaurov, pretože s nimi ľudstvo počas svojej existencie sa nemohlo stretnúť.