Strange Rays: Scientific Research or the sign of the apocalypse? “NASA Blue Beam,”

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They are strange rays that people see around the world from 2011 results of the “NASA Blue Beam,” or a sign of impending apocalypse?

Some people believe that there may be either scientific research or the threat of all-out invasion. The “blue ray” is about creating a giant space light show using 3D holograms, laser sight and sound. Using two-way telepathic communication wave technology similar principle, which uses HAARP can reach anybody on earth.

Computer-coordinated creation of holograms is apparently relatively common in China, mostly on the demonstration of technologies and entertain people. The technology however can be used in another way. Averting the threat of universal unification of mankind, readily becomes an attractive idea.

Until recently, many of us follow the rules, “we can not see – I do not believe.” Things have changed. Today anything can be seen. What can not be is to believe your eyes.

“Blue Beam” project is najvedeckejšou, but certainly the most contentious NASA theory.

Some believe that the project is part of a larger conspiracy involving NASA and the possible emergence of a new religion. At the head of the newly established religion could cost the antichrist, which establish a new world order. Technological advances can play a significant role in the so-called. “Second coming.