The lost cities of Agartha and Shamballa. Do they have any connection with Atlantis and Lemuria?

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Nazi documents confirm the existence of the country Agartha Hollow Earth
These Nazi official maps and documents confirm the existence of the country Agartha – the whole world on the surface of our planet.

One of the most interesting questions for many people for centuries is whether there is a possibility that our planet is hollow?

For many years, they have always been people who believed it. But even though many came up with this theory, until 1968 about how there was no evidence.
Now in 1968, images taken by satellite orbiting the Earth clearly showed the hole located at the North Pole. According to many people, it was a clear proof of the veracity of the theory of the hollow earth.

Lost temple Agartha?

The oldest religious works speak of separate worlds below the earth’s crust, which is the place of residence of the dead and ghosts. Babylonian hero Gilgamesh visit the earth’s interior Utanapištima who survived the flood the world, knows the secret of eternal života.Egyptští Pharaohs reportedly maintained contacts with the underworld, to which he received a secret tunnel in the underground realm of Hades pyramidách.

Do descend grieving Greek hero Orpheus vysvodil his wife Eurydice. when Odysseus reaches the borders of the west calls the spirits of ancestors raised from the depths of the Earth and they come help him.