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The first ufo sighting was recorded in 1200 bc.Since then people around the world have claimed to see flying Saucers terrifying abductions and frightening alien beings.Many believe these close encounters were all lies.

Ancient civilizations and extraterrestrial civilizations

Since then people around the world have claimed to see flying Saucers terrifying abductions and frightening alien beings.
Many believe these close encounters were all lies.
But then a book surfaced in the It revealed an alleged government cover up.
About a plan to cooperate with the alien races.
there are projects are humans and extra terrestrials are Working side-by-side.
It is the guide to a Conspiracy.
We should be terrified.
join us as the blue project is unsealed.
a global effort has begun.
Hidden efforts details ufo Accounts detailed to the public.
We are about to uncover the Truth about these classified documents.

Find out about what the government doesn’t want you to Know.
Exposing the biggest secrets on Planet earth.
The blue planet project outlines this pointing to a massive Government cover up.
If the blue planet project is Real, it wildly changes our sense of the universe.
what if the project is true? What if there is a secret Government cover up? When did it all begin? July 16, 1945, south of new mexico, shortly before 5:30 am Local time, a large explosion sent shock waves across the Southwest.
It flattens five square miles of Waste land the trinity nuclear test marks the beginning of the Atomic Age.

The projects like trinity and The bombings created such a huge impact to any one who would be Able to see our world from far away.
It is very clearly seen from space if you are in a proximity To our planet.
You would have noticed this.
Since the 1940s, ufo’s appeared and were interested in the types Of energy discharges that were taking place.
July 8th, 1947, almost two years to the day of the trinity Test, and 150 miles from the test site, one of the biggest And wildly known events was about to unfold.
The b 29 bombers had dropped nuclear weapons over nagasaki And it was the home base, the first nuclear weapons base.
could the heat which emanated from the debt nation have given Tell tale signs on earth? we called out to them by Detonating the weapons.

It is kind of our fault.
the first contact would not be made until the blue planet Project book surfaced more than The book reveals the truth between secret experimentation And secret cities that had been carried out and all without the Public’s knowledge.
it is a compellation of notes Of someone who had seen the inner workings of the Infrastructure.
it is at holy grail of Conspiracy.
some believe it was written Why jefferson souza.
It is believed that his Government clearance allowed him access to all government Clearance.

it detailed 150 species of Aliens and why they were mutating cattle and abducting Humans.
no one has been able to Identify that he existed.
we hear stories of people who Chose to come out of classified project and raise their hand and Say yes, I was working on a ufo and then they disappear.
You can’t talk about it, because if you do, you will die.
And that is the whole premise of what one scientist says about The blue planet project.
no one deny that the stories Have a terrifying message.
But as we go deeper into the Document, we uncover a more sinister plot.
Coming up next, the blue planet project uncovers an underground Base where the unthinkable is carried out.

This is unsealed alien files.
welcome back to “unsealed Alien files.
” do we finally have an answer to The alien question? Are we alone or are we having Aliens walking among us? a ufo arrived in 1947.
We recovered a live alien.
A living entity.
What do we do with this? Unsealed case file.
The shadow government.
The us government has no Evidence that they have engaged anyone in the human race.
There is no evidence to suggest that anything has been hidden From the public side.
our engineering alien Technology.
We will deny, deny, deny.
according to the blue planet project, the u.
Government set Out on a journey to attempt to discover what we gained from These new beings but it was a job we couldn’t do alone.
the project explained that there was a collection of secret Societies that were masterminding the interaction of Those visiting earth.
project red light the covert Military subgroup created to test and fly recovered ufo’s.
Those that recovered alien life forms and project delta.
The fort more commonly known as the men in black.
But one is known as the magic group.
Also known as mj 12.

the one that is keeping a lid On the cover up would be the mj It was formed out of the organization as a means to deal With this interaction with interdimensionals that were Interacting with us.
Their response was to come up With the commission to make all of the decisions of what Happened with 12 people.
If that is true that is scary.
According to the author of the blue planet project.
If the document is proven true.
This group was able to hide the Reality from the public and lay the ground work to this day to Keep the secrets mj 12 has been implicated to covering up Rosswell and disappearance and accidents of those considered a Threat to national security.
Even if those threats were their Own members.
leading ufo specialists point To former secretary of defense.
Reports state president truman Himself asked him to step down when he objected to the issue.

He was found dead after falling from the 16th floor of his Hospital room.
The official report declared That he had died from a fall.
Recently, two documents surfaced Claiming that mj 12 and their hidden agenda is very real.
they claim they do exist.
Keep the ufo secret while Investigating the ufo technology.
I don’t need to believe it.
The evidence is there.
Let the evidence is there.
the most disturbing evidence Points to reports of landings of extra terrestrials took place With our air force.
Treaties were formed with alien Races.
we have interaction with Species and during the time of the experiments our industry sky Rocketed in 1947.

We are talking about Technologies that didn’t exist before.
How did that happen? what are we giving them? next, we find out what our government allegedly traded for The secrets.
what was that agreement whose Base is this? get a look at who are what is Behind it all.
large eyes, a bald head they Are beings that come and take you in the night.
welcome back to alien files.
Are there aliens among us? More than two decades ago the book is known as the blue planet Project.
The document describes more than More chilling is how the Document describes the races in great detail.
Amount as if the author had been on the inside.
the blue planet project talked about more than 150 Species of aliens visiting earth.
We know that many different people who have been abducted Describe the small beings, usually three to four feet in Height, large heads, black eyes and it seems interesting that They all seem to look alike.
what happens next depends on What story you listen to.
Whether it be a violent Experiment or a ride in a space ship.
some include the underwater ones and reptoids.
Some requiring human blood and fluids to survive.

Not all want human evaluation.
There are the nordics who want Only human salvation and yet the variety of species described in The book begs the question of how so many could exist in and Around earth without our knowledge.
The blue planet project tells us what it is that they are hiding But where.
Unsealed case file the base.
in or near dolce new mexico there is a secret base with a Number of levels that are very, very secret.
if the theorists are right, under the city is an area for Them to operate unknown to the public but side-by-side with our Government.
I have been there.
All of them have very strange stories to tell.
Unexplained lights and ufo’s in the sky.

People who have seen weird creatures running around the Forest at night.
You have to know that something Is going on there.
filled with experiments that Range from weaponry to the creation of lizard human Hybrids.
the deeper you go, the more Secretive it is.
this is geared towards the Alien’s needs rather than the human needs.
We hear about a vat of human body parts where they soak to Ingest nutrients into their skin.
Test tube versions of them being grown.
Are these things actually possibly taking place on a base Here on earth? According to the project, this Pact between the military and the alien races allows for the Human mine control and testing and cold storage.
it depends on what the actual pact was.
What was that agreement.
Whose base is this? Do we have a choice.
There is no story on how this Transpired.
we agreed to let them abduct A certain percentage of our population.
What happened is that they broke that treaty and started to Abduct many more people than we originally agreed to.
tales of pain, torture and never ending fear.