Video: The “UFOs” touch French military helicopter while rescuers survivors of an accident at sea!

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The news was reported by the British tabloid The Sun on March 25, 2018 and deals with images of bizarre moments in which two “UFOs” dart in front of a French military helicopter SA 330 Puma, while pounds at the scene of a ship’s accident to lend rescue survivors.

Jason Gleave, 46, who has studied the movie, believes that objects are not drones or seagulls.

Jason published the images in his new book UFO PHOTO, published by Flying Disk Press in which two objects are seen speeding past a French military helicopter SA 330 Puma who was rescuing twelve people, part of a ship’s crew load of 100 meters, baptized “The Luno”, which had hit the sea wall of Anglet, breaking into two pieces. The ship was transporting fertilizer when the engine had failed in the Atlantic ocean.


Other theories about what might be possible are drones or even birds, but drones unlikely because they would not normally operate in such a tight danger zone where the rescue helicopter was operating, due to unpredictable weather conditions.


“At a more careful analysis of the video frames the two objects remain together in flight, in a compact formation that does not differ from each other” states Jason Gleave. UFO expert Nick Pope, who ran the Ministry of Defense’s “UFO Desk” for three years, supported Jason’s research by saying, “Jason has been involved in research and investigation into UFOs and other mysteries for many years , but its particular area of ​​expertise is image analysis.

“Jason has skill and experience in the careful examination of photos and videos, putting the fact in fiction in order and if he says they were UFOs they were certainly not birds.”