Videos: The Secret KGB Project.

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Everyone interested in history knows that many books have been written, and there is a huge amount of information on the Internet about Egyptian pyramids, Egyptian gods, ancient culture that suddenly appears some 2,500 years BC. fully developed as if it had emerged from nowhere.

Dr. Viktor Ivanovich, astrophysicist and neurologist, worked in the Kremlin as a scientific advisor for advanced propulsion systems. During this period of time, he gained access to the secret kings of the KGB, to an event known as the “ISIS Project”. It was focused on the secret research of one of the most significant discoveries of mankind.

A small group of scientists, along with military experts on radioactivity and chemical warfare, discovered the tomb in 1961, following instructions from several Bedouins in Egypt. However, what they found inside was never publicly disclosed and has so far been published. The secret material revealed that the sarcophagus was the remains of an extraterrestrial being who died in Egypt about 10,000 BC. n. l. Ivanovich in his book The ISIS Project – from secret KGB collections, writes that the whole set of historical and scientific evidence suggests that this particular extraterrestrial visit occurred about 11,000 years BC. n. l.

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