Stephen Hawking left us forever 76 years. The genius physicist and cosmologist died in a circle of loved ones

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A sad report for the whole world was confirmed by his family.

A world-famous physicist, theoretician, mathematician, professor at Cambridge-i, cosmologist, writer and loving father, this is brilliant Stephen Hawking.


Unfortunately, he could not explain why he had not yet come to his death. Stephen left us forever in the age of 76 just a few hours ago, what his family had told him. He allegedly died peacefully at home in Cambridge-i, surrounded by his family. And as the doctors predicted, ALS really became the cause of his death. Just a few decades later.

Hawking at 21 years diagnosed amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which in a simplified way meant that the brain and central cells of the nervous system were gradually dying out of his brain, so he stopped controlling his muscles and could not move further. The doctors gave him a maximum of 2 years, but Stephen gave us his genius for decades.

He was particularly famous for exploring black holes in the universe, great cod and many physical, mathematical and other theories, many of which were confirmed. He has enjoyed many important discoveries, and has revealed to the general public many mysteries and mysteries not only of the universe in his excellent book publications.

The best known is certainly a Brief History of Time, which has become a bestseller.