Ancient Civilizations builded Pyramids at South Pole and Elsewhere!

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Pyramids South Pole and elsewhere! European and US researchers made a startling discovery, finding in Antarctica three similar objects with pyramids. Additionally, scientists say the ancient monuments are found on the shore of artificial origin.

Antartica pyramid – To the Cosmos
“We believe with assurance that Antarctica has always been a hostile and cold place, but only now that the ice caps appeared in geological history,” said Jane E. Francis, University of Leeds the BBC.
First of all, we must consider that in the distant past Antarctica was a ‘green continent’ covered with vegetation.

With its 14 million square kilometers, Antarctica is the fifth largest continent on the planet, in other words, twice the size of Australia. There is much room to hide secrets beneath both ice.

Mysterious rays of light began radiating from the pyramids around the world 

Pyramid Antarctica – To the CosmosDe according to the website Voice of Russia, very little is known about the pyramids and the expedition team was maintaining secrecy about the discovery of the details.
If researchers can prove that the pyramids are of artificial origin, probably this discovery will bring a major overhaul in the story told.
Much has been speculated that Antarctica has been ‘settled’ in the past, and if it ever took place, there is much mystery hidden beneath the immense white carpet, as well as in the dense forests around the world.

Officially, the continent was discovered in a Russian expedition in 1820, but there are myths that Terra Australis, mysterious continent present in maps of the past, being first mentioned by Aristotle.

People believed that the place called Terra Australis existed, and it was where the balance for Europe, Asia, and North Africa happened. This idea has been around since the time of the Greek scientist Ptolemy in the first century.
Expeditions to Antarctica are extremely difficult and high budget and without adequate equipment humans could not endure long in this inhospitable place.
Antartica pyramids – To the Cosmos

Small groups of expeditions may have the answer, but will officially come to light?

The German Nazis would have been among the first to venture into the icy territory, probably some greedy plan

We always hear a story that would really like it to be true and it is not, but for not also have to be proven otherwise, meanwhile the possibility remains.

Obs .: There are some sources claiming to be false news, which should be taken into consideration, but found the photos and reports, can also have leaked outside the box to the government, as well as numerous denials of the past that today become as obvious as the fact that the earth is round.