Video: Ancient Artifacts That Are Still Shrouded in Controversy Today


26 103 ViewsThe evidence that there is more to ancient history than we were taught in school is coming in thick and fast. Find out about cities that are many thousands of years old, about artifacts that curiously resemble modern inventions and customs and traditions that have their beginnings before modern civilizations! There are some great [

Voices from Hell” and drilling the Earth through and through. Myths about the deepest well in the world.


4 966 ViewsThe spectacular scientific project featured in the Guinness Book of Records – The Super-Deep Wheel (SH-3) – still irritates the imagination of ordinary people and experts. Soviet scientists have set ambitious goals – to explore the oldest rocks of our planet and to learn the secrets of the processes that take place

The Old Bulgarian calendar is the oldest in the world, recognized by UNESCO. According to him, we expect 7525 years


13 083 ViewsThis is a great intellectual, scientific work of people who lived thousands of years before Christ. The Bulgarian calendar is more accurate than the Gregorian calendar and only a few seconds apart from the astronomical calendar. When Bulgaria was Great Bulgaria, everyone was guided by our calendar because we had the economic, polit

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