Did the aliens arrive? A strange phenomenon appeared above Teplice!

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Cloud in the shape of a flying saucer above Teplice

A remarkable phenomenon was observed by the inhabitants of Teplice and neighboring towns on Tuesday morning. A strange cloud resembling a flying saucer appeared in the otherwise azure blue sky. Look at the photos

According to one observer, the cloud moved from the German border and was visible from several kilometers away Usti nad Labem or from Bílina. “Here they are!” people made fun of the shape of a cloud that was reminiscent of a flying saucer of sci-fi films with aliens.

According to meteorologists, however, this is a relatively common phenomenon, although similar clouds are formed more in the afternoon. “It is an altocumulus, which forms a number of forms. The captured form is the so-called lenticular shape, Latin lenticularis,” said a spokesman of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) Martina Souckova, according to which similar clouds appear at altitudes 2-6 km.

Source: Martina Odvárková Nina Ortová TN.cz.