Former NASA employee says: “I viewed photographs of the Moon showing Pyramids and highly advanced technological objects”


6 435 ViewsThe world must know once and for all the truth about the existence of spectacular pyramidal buildings, built on the Moon most probably by some extraterrestrial races. For many years the space agencies of the great powers of the world have kept a criminal silence on this reality, but fortunately a group of former […]

Weapons of Mass Destruktions? Haarp, “Nexrad” and other sources of Electromagnetic Frequencies.


6 847 ViewsHaarp, “Nexrad” and other sources of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s). Ionize the Aluminum and Barium particulates sprayed by Aircraft. Making them even more conducive to Ice-crystal/water-vapor collection(cloud making). Here you can see the Frequency Waves going up and down through these Artificial Clouds to fo

Photos and Videos: Moon ,Mysterious 4 km-high structure appears inside a crater.


5 078 ViewsA mysterious obelisk-shaped structure that was photographed in the center of a crater on the moon. The structure is extraordinarily beautiful and very detailed. It has a high square base on which it is built and can easily be compared to the Empire State Building in New York City. However this structure is over […]

NEW VIDEOS : Moscow, on the evening of May 18, 2019, fleet of UFOs on the moon and weird sound and UFO Slovakia.


33 188 ViewsMoscow, a photographer records a fleet of UFOs on the moon. Another photographer at the same time recorded a UFO ship flying near the moon, in Slovakia and weird sound Армия нло на луне – Army ufo on the moon Another photographer at the same time recorded a UFO ship flying near the moon, […]

Secret Nazi Experiments. German advanced technologies and research were miles away from the rest of the world.


68 191 ViewsWhen the defeat of Nazi Germany was almost certain, the US Army began to discover secret underground laboratories and factories throughout the territories. Missile systems, new cannons, jet planes, an atomic bomb, this is just a fraction of what has come to the surface. German advanced technologies and research were miles away from

NEW VIDEO: Sounds of the Apocalypse Is Prophecy fulfilled?


5 537 ViewsMysterious sounds filmed in Slovakia – 7 videos. Strange sounds of the sky, signs of the final prophecy, what is happening? /Mysterious sounds that come from the sky, continue to confuse people from all over the world, and seem to make even the listener have difficulty sleeping in sleepless nights. Martin Mikuaš: autor videos.

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