VIDEO: A mysterious cube near the Sun. February 9, 2019

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A mysterious cube near the Sun intermittently falls into the lens of the satellites’ chambers studying the sun. UFOologists from the United States saw another similar anomaly on February 9 this year.

In the opinion of independent researchers, in all these cases, including the latter, three things are overwhelming. The fact is that the mysterious solar object:

has a strict square shape that can not be a natural entity, even if it is connected with the magma of the Sun;

huge dimensions commensurate with the vast planets of our solar system, which is why it can be called an alien ship only conditionally, it may be a technological phenomenon, not an object;

it only appears in a fraction of a second and immediately disappears again, making it possible to conjecture that it is in a parallel world and only because of the Sun somehow appears in our reality for a moment.

Ufologists, of course, long ago made any assumptions in any way related to aliens who could use the Sun as an energy source and even as a shielding mask. Scientists, in turn, firmly reject any extraterrestrial theories.