VIDEO: Interesting cloud and apocalyptic sound Slovakia 23.august.2018 Mysteriously sounds are back. Is it related tos excessively high global seismic activity?

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With frequent observations of these sounds, I noticed that this mysterious sound can be heard before or after the bigger earthquake in the world. It probably has a connection from the shifting of the lithospheric plates.

Of the world it is coming more and more testimonies to the mysterious sound reminiscent murmur. Over the years, hundreds of cases have been ed this phenomenon of strange that science still can not explain.

Puzzling sounds heard for only 2% of the people and no one knows why
Desperate individuals describe symptoms that accompany murmur – headaches, dizziness, nose bleeds, and sleep disturbances. Some doctors claim that noise could be a sign of tinnitus, but this is unlikely because this phenomenon is always described only in certain geographical areas.

A clear and comprehensive explanation of this phenomenon is still unknown. Nowadays, scientists are trying to treat people affected by music. The final answer to what causes this unpleasant sound, but still remains a mystery
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