Anomaly on moon – pyramids? Is the moon and the hologram? Videos.

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For over a century, people have watched Clouds, mists, lights, and strange objects on the Moon. But gradually, as the Apollo program was implemented, the competent people began to convince us that the Moon is dead.

The suspicion is that of the 140,000 photos of the Moon’s surface, only a few hundred were published. By the late 1960s, when people first walked on the Moon, people thought it was the beginning of a series of visits and research of our silver guide. But other spaceships with crew were flying only until 1972.

The expeditions were abruptly and without explanation interrupted. Three more prepared ships have not started yet.

In 1995, Americans sent a ship without crew to the moon, scanned by electronic apparatus. But it was not NASA, but the US Army. Thousands of photos she sent to Earth were not published.

Strange anomalies. Is the moon and the hologram?

It is possible to see how the surface of the Moon is waving, which reminds us of an update of its image. Wide belts above the moon surface are often captured by other cameras with high quality optics and telescopes. How can it be explained?

Several theories emerged. The most curious one assumes that there is no Moon on Earth’s orbit. It’s just a flat projection (hologram). This is why the “body” is still set to the same side.

The other one mentions that an object exists in Earth’s orbit, but it is covered by a holographic image of the Moon, so that we do not know what body is actually going on and what is hiding on its surface.

Advocates of conspiracy theories also ask: Why does humanity send its probes to distant cosmos and ignore our closest companion? Why is the quality of all Moon pictures sent on the Earth by Lunar Probes so desperate? How is it possible that the images of the moon surface are of poor quality compared to those taken from the Martian orbit? How can a probe flying on the Earth’s orbit be able to capture the license plate of the car without any problems, and the Lunar satellites send moon surface images in such a resolution that they can not even be considered photographs?