The Discovery of Mysterious Tombs …

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The biggest and most evocative discovery in the history of archeology is definitely finding Tutankhamen’s tomb. Since then it is said that all the greatest treasures were discovered, and that no further significant discovery had not. Yet constantly whispers about the mysterious discoveries that are concealed from the public. It is not only strange space under the pyramids and the Sphinx, the mysterious scrolls described nenznámým letters, but sometimes even the appearance at first sight ,, ordinary “tomb, whose real importance is concealed before populations.

One of these is the grave known as KV 55. It was discovered in 1907 by archaeologist Dr. Edward Ayrton. The unfinished tomb was evident in the past damaged by flooding, evidence that the battered cartridge inside the tomb. Experts attributed the earliest tomb of Queen Tiye, the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III., Because the mummy seemed feminine traits. However, once they compared the external features statues of Akhenaten, concluded that the mummy belongs to this king, which are said to be suffering from illnesses dystrophia adiposgenitalis that causes men that they do not develop internal and external genital organs. But then came another theory that there was in fact a mummy Smenchkareho. But before anyone could examine the correctness of this assertion, mummy mysteriously disappeared. At seventy years.

In 2000 he gave clues about the rediscovery of the mummies Berlin Egyptologist Dr. Krauss, who accused the professor and his wife Wildung of harboring stolen items. He also claimed that since 1971 has been lost mummy kept in the Museum of Egyptology at Munich, where he allegedly got neznáými channels. So when the mummy was found again, the experts decided to perform various measurements and analyzes and tests blood group.

It emerged that the mummy considered Smenchkareho was a brother or half-brother Tutankhamun. However, since the experts wanted to be absolutely sure, made with Japanese universities agreement on DNA tests. Before such tests occurred, we were exploring suddenly stopped. Why? That nobody knows. The survey sarcophagus, however, reportedly showed that Smenkhkare could be identical with the biblical brother of Moses – Aaron.

The tomb of Akhenaten and Nefertiti
Akhenaten and Nefertiti
A kind of archaeologist walked a few weeks around the dam Nasser and one day he noticed the stone block, which measured 60 cm. Immediately afterwards he discovered that behind it lies the entrance to the stairs, heading for the tomb. Signs indicated that this is the tomb of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. It was clear that this is the greatest discovery since the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamen. But what happened? Egyptology her team on 27 March 1997 and then opened without any justification uzavřel.Opět again the question arises, why? The interior of the tomb ptozkoumali experts from the British Museum and apparently reached an incredible discoveries.

In the tomb they found statues 8500-10 000 years old, so the question arose whether it was Akhenaten’s government did not move in the earlier period. However, historians have responded promptly and justify the finding follows the old statues that have not necessarily come from the time of Akhenaton, the pharaoh in a tomb located just old statues. Proverbs yet another blow. For some circumstantial evidence in the tomb of experts reached that Akhenaten was the same with Moses (Smenkhkare would therefore be his brother – Aaron, as already mentioned.) Such information could but could not get the public because it shook the huge number of population and demolished the foundations of world religions. Therefore, this discovery was kept secret from the people.