Newly declassified documents from the 1940s confirm the existence of aliens

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The US FBI Investigation Office said it had evidence that our world was attending guests from other worlds. This report is very surprising – questions of this kind have never officially been interested in the FBI, and have been left skeptical about ufologists and lovers of mysteries. But, apparently, many Hollywood science-fiction films are based on real events, thanks to the fact that some classified materials leaked from the FBI to the public.

In 2017, the FBI Special Agent’s report, which was drafted in 1947, was declassified. The Colonel, whose name remained hidden from “national security grounds”, collected information on UFO sighting for several years. According to this document, our planet is actually attended by representatives from other worlds. They come not only from other planets but also from other dimensions that exist parallel to our physical universe.

Here are some of the points that contain the message:
Some flying disks are controlled by the crew, others are remotely controlled.
Their mission is peaceful.
Aliens look like people, but they are much larger.
Their world is closely tied to ours. However, we are not able to perceive this world.
Their bodies and flying machines automatically materialize on the frequencies that are inherent in our physical world.
Their disks use energy to protect them, which can instantly destroy any object attacking them. Whenever they can be dematerialized into their original form, they will not disappear for our eyes.

We can not communicate with their world through radio signals. Perhaps it will be in the future if we develop special systems that will be able to receive their signals using radars.
Finally, the report states: One of their boats is elongated in oval shape. The surface is made of an unknown refractory metal or alloy. The ship is controlled from the front, in the middle of the lab, and in the rear is a weapon in the form of a power unit that can send a powerful beam of devastating force.