The Mystery of the Sarcophagus:The 12,000-year old sarcophagus of an unnamed ruler Video.

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Supporters of classical archeology are asking: If there was a technically advanced civilization in prehistoric times, why did not we find a trace of it yet? Yes, we’ve found the tracks a long time ago! And we may find them even more when we are ready to look for them. “
Louis Pauwels

Over the globe sometimes unusual relics occur in the daylight. Historians and archaeologists try to correctly classify, interpret and understand what trails and testimonies our ancestors actually left behind. The mosaic of world history is made up of a number of small fragments that have to be properly stacked. Remnants of buildings can be included in time and culture, various artifacts can be analyzed, incomprehensible fonts are easy to decipher and extinct language can be understood.

“The greatest enemy of science is not a mistake, but a laziness.”
Henry Thomas Buckle, art historian