Aliens and human cloning? Videos.

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In a lecture at the Meta Tech Org. Conference, B. Robertson spoke on the subject: Secret Earth Activities of Some Extraterrestrial Groups, Especially the Markabs, Towards Takeover of Full Control over the Earth. Among other things, he spoke of the fact that over the last fifty years, at least 200,000 Markabians have been secretly immigrated to the country, trained as young civil servants, secret service agents, armed forces and police officers, entrepreneurs and financiers. The whole event was highly concealed not only before the Congress and the US Senate, but also before the world and the Great Galactic Council. The mission of this Marxian extraterrestrial contingent may well be the creation of a “fifth column”, destined to gradually conquer the Earth planet to connect the Earth as the eighth planet to the Markabian federation.

The production of human clones was acquired in 1977 according to the alien technology (Markabian-Sirians) at the University of Utah (Salt Lake City) research laboratories. The world learned about it the same year when American television and television scientists and camera attendees the original man and his clone were shown. The session was interrupted at the command of the government and was never repeated. The actual production of clones takes place at the Mount Hood underground base (about 60 miles east of Portland) and has the character of biological manufacturing. The production of a fully grown human clone (replicator) lasts about 14 months (today it is reportedly a shorter period), but must take place in artificial mammals stored in locations with a stable geomagnetic field and must meet other specified properties.

In American underground literature, the Illuminati and their secret (gray) unpopulated government, which are in parallel with the official government appointed by the elected president, are often referred to in various contexts. Until recently, the existence of this secret government had been doubted until the high-ranking retired officials began talking about the secret government underground Mount Weather complex. Only a very small number of Americans and members of Congress are aware of the existence of this mysterious underground government base built deep within the Mount Weather at Bluemont in Virginia, just 74 miles from Washington DC. The Base Underground, also known as the Western Virginia Office of Controlled Conflict Operations (WVOCCO), is hidden not only in hard granites but also thoroughly hidden. In March 1976, The Progressive Magazine published an astonishing article titled The Mysterious Mountain.

The rapporteur, Richard Pollock, was based on information based on the Senate Subcommittee inquiry committee report, interrogation records, and several confidential interviews with officials previously associated with Mount Weather. His report and article at The Time Magazine, 1991, called Doomsday Hideaway, gave a lot of information about what really is in the underground of Mount Weather. Ted Gup, writing for The New York Times, describes the underground base as follows:

“Mount Weather is an independent Federal Emergency Management Agency underground facility (FEMA). This facility is an operating center for approximately 100 other federal relocation centers located mostly in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. Together, this network of underground facilities is the backbone of the US program “Continuity of Government.” In the case of nuclear war, or the declaration of martial law, or other cases of national emergency, I have to relocate the Wahington President and his Cabinet, and the rest of the executive forces would be ” resettled “.

Pollock’s report contains stunning information about the base staff. In this underground city, according to data from former senior officials of the base, a secret (gray) government of the United States is stationed. Information from high state resources, Pollock has only been given the promise of adhering to the strictest anonymity. Pollock told me that each of the federal departments represented in Mount Weather is headed by an individual who is titled as “Mr. Secretary” and is in direct contact with the official US government. It is unclear who appoints Cabinet members of this cabinet based in Mount Weather. The notion that President appointment is unstoppable, as the Many Through Several Administrations are many times longer than the elected presidents. It is therefore clear that this is a genuine duplication of the fundamental functions of the US government. There are nine Federal Departements (federal ministries: agriculture, trade, health, education and social care, housing and urban planning, labor, home affairs, state affairs, transport and finance) as well as at least five of the most important state bodies Special Services, Federal Military Obligation Commission, Civil Service Commission, and Veterans Administration). There are also two private companies located here: the Federal Reserve and the US Post Office. Pollock writes that he does not know how long the cabinet members (ministers) are appointed, perhaps by the president, but that is not certain. Time of service is not known with certainty either.

What is unclear is which political party is “at the oars” in this secret government. The appointed officials at Mount Weather remain in office for several election periods of official administration. Unlike other presidential nominees, these “apppointments” are assigned to a post without a public vote or Senate approval. It is not yet known whether there is also an alternate president and vice president in Mount Weather? If so, who selects and establishes? Pollock says only this: “It could be expected that Mount Weather is also a presidential office. The Federal Preparedness Agency (FEMA predecessor) apparently has set up a special regime for presidential sections that regularly accepts top-secret state security reports and raw data from each of the federal departments, and agencies. He questions the real reason behind the existence of a secret government in Mount Weather, when the United States and its allies themselves consider the Cold War to be over.

In my opinion, the actual secret government of the Illuminati, which is the potential executive power of the New World Order, is based in the underground of Mount Weather, which aims to take the government in the United States at the first appropriate occasion or at the first appropriate pretext. If I’m wrong, prove it to me! According to the records of the Constitutional Rights Senate Subcommittee’s 1975 hearings, Congress has almost no information, no knowledge, no budget reports or other areas related to the Mount Weather underground base. This circumstance is, in the state of shame of the highest democracy and the freedom of the individual, to be considered. Retired Air Force General Leslie W. Bray, in his testimony to the Congress subcommittee, said he could not freely describe what the role, organization, and location of Mount Weather was, and could not even specify any further details. The existence of this underground government center of the United States seems secret only to the US Congress and US taxpayers. But not to be blamed on a one-sided view, I also bring information from the second basket.

The New York Times of April 16, 1996, brought information to her correspondent Patricia Neill

About the mysterious base built by the Russians deep in the underground of the Ural Mountains, in the area called Jaman-Tau

“In a secret project reminiscent of the coldest cold war period, Russia is building a mammoth underground complex hidden inside the Jaman-Tau Mountain in the White Ural region of Albore, equipped with extensive surface and underground rail and road networks, the construction of which employs tens of thousands of workers.”

The New York Times cites the statement of an unnamed senior US official from Washington:

“We are not sure what the purpose of this facility is and the Russians are not very willing to let us in. It’s all built in style and it’s an important source of investment at a time when Russians complain that they have no resources to fund the nuclear missile destruction process under disarmament agreements “.

Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine writes:

“We are observing that the United States spends nearly $ 30 billion annually on obtaining information about the Russian Jaman-Tau complex without gaining reliable information about whether the complex has been completed.” The construction of this huge underground complex has been a subject of American interest since at least 1992 “.

Ashton Carter, Pentagon International Security Adviser, says:

“We do not know exactly what the mission of the Jaman-Tau facility is, it probably has no operational mission, and the Russians have offered” non-specific guarantees “that they do not threaten US security.”

In the Gambit Mahatsm book, I mentioned the case of a secret attempt by the American Illuminati on a surprising nuclear attack on the main Russian bases of Kosmosfer and Kosmos Perechvatchikos, located near Semipalatinska and Novosibirsk. It was supposed to retaliate the Illuminati for the destruction of American spy guns over the Soviet Union and for conquering and occupying US bases on the moon, which prevented the planned domination of the Illuminati by a gigantic gas laser and the installation of the Mindwreaker and Moonscan technology. The surprise attack, carried out by submarine Angelus carriers carrying Hybrid flying submarines Subfighter with allegedly Israeli pilots, has completely failed. According to unconfirmed information, the Russians have given the ultimatum that the US will publish this action with examples of destroyed supermodern US military techniques unless the US pays damages and reparations to an unplanned amount.

They estimate it could have been $ 10-30 billion. In order to deceive the world’s public, this payment was issued for US assistance in financing the destruction of surplus Russian nuclear missiles and tanks. Those who are just a bit confident about the pricing of rocket and armor dismantling must necessarily conclude that only $ 1-1.5 billion is enough for that. Most likely, the Russians, the lessons learned from the Illuminati, were used to finance the construction of the essentially impregnable Jaman-Tau complex. Almost all members of the US Congress also had a similar view.